Compact Palletizer, Mini Palletizer

Compact Palletizer

Our newest product: the Compact Palletizer. This unit offers the ability to palletize product up to 8' at a rate of 10 -15 picks per minute with a maximum package capacity of up to 100 kg (220 lb), all within an 8' x 10' footprint. The base unit is a very low $65,000 and the high volume production model (shown to the left) starts at $120,000, leasing programs are available. Additionally, all units come with a limited 3 year warranty. 
Optional add-ons are listed below.
  • Extra Large HMI
  • Box Infeed Buffer System
  • Automatic Pallet Outfeed
  • Stretch Wrapper
  • Pallet / Slave Board Dispenser

Rotating Engine Stands

Rotating Engine Stands
Available in stationary and mobile varieties, and with load capacities ranging from 1000 to 8000 lbs, the rotating engine stand is a high demand product from ROI Machinery & Automation Inc. These  powered stands can be used to rotate and lift engines, transmissions, compressors and other equipment. Custom varieties are also avaialble for those clients requiring unique solutions.
Vision Integrated EOAT

Vacuum EOAT

These tools have typically utilized vacuum technology as a backbone for operation. Products have incorporated laser sensors, vision sensors, multi-zone vacuum manifolds, and other technologies as needed by the client. All EOAT's have been custom projects with the majority being variations of a vacuum layer gripper to palletize and depalletize product, but also for single or multi part gripping and picking.
Vacuum Manipulator

Vacuum Manipulators

Intended to be used with a crane, hoist, forktruck, or other lifting system, these manipulators assist in gripping and moving heavy or oddly shaped materials. Fully integrated cell solutions are also available with these products including overhead crane installations.