Grippers With Machine Vision Integration

EOAT With Depth Sensing
At times, product position and orientation cannot be guaranteed and it may necessary or cost beneficial to incorporate 2D or 3D vision within an EOAT. This picturte shows an example of a tool built as a proof of principle for a client. The tool used an Xbox 360 Kinect sensor in order to provide depth data to the robot controller. It would then utilize a guided air cylinder to clamp the object and move it to the desired location.

Custom Layer Grippers

Vacuum EOAT Layer Gripper
More often than not, customers require a variation on standard layer gripper design. In this case, the ROI Machinery & Automation Inc. team harnesses their extensive project experience to repurpose past designs or create unique solutions as needed. This layer gripper was designed to depalletize heavy product layers.

Multi-Zone Layer Grippers

Multi Zone Vacuum EOAT Layer Gripper
Where more control is required, a vacuum EOAT can be fitted with multiple, independently activated vacuum "zones." This tool featured 30 such "zones," which could be remotely controlled. This allowed the customer to reduce vacuum loss when picking varying sized products by creating a "vacuum pattern" for the most efficient, effective layer gripping possible.